Avenue Road


Sergio Rodrigues

In 1956 Sergio Rodrigues founded ‘OCA Industries’ in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. A brand that for two decades was the hallmark of modern Brazilian furniture. The architect Rodrigues embraced traditional materials such as leather, eucalyptus and the wood of the jacaranda tree. The proximity of his creations to icons of Brazil was the factor that prompted the jury at the ‘IVTH Concorso Internationale Del Mobile’ in Italy in 1961 to award first place to his ‘Mole Chair’ and MOMA in New York to add the piece to its permanent collection. Among Rodrigues’ many design projects, the most notable include The Brazilian Embassy in Rome, The Universidade De Brasilia, The Palacio Des Arcos, The Teatro Nacional in Brasilia and the headquarters of Editora Bloch in Rio.


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