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Alpha No.267

Leonid Rath, Accessories, Glassware, Pitchers

Beer Tumbler: 10.4cm Diameter x 8.3cm H

Water Tumbler: 9.1cm Diameter x 7.2cm H

Wine Tumbler: 7.6cm Diameter x 6.0cm H

Liqueur Tumbler: 4.7cm Diameter x 3.7cm H

Cocktail Tumbler: 6.1cm Diameter x 4.9cm H

Salad Bowl II: 23.0cm Diameter x 16.5cm H

Salad Bowl III: 18.2cm Diameter x 13.6cm H

Fruit Plate: 13.2cm Diameter x 3.5cm H

Fruit Bowl I: 23.8cm Diameter x 7.1cm H

Fruit Bowl II: 21.0cm Diameter x 6.4cm H

Fruit Bowl III: 17.0cm Diameter x 4.5cm H

Water Pitcher: 12.2cm Diameter x 20.8cm H

Flower Bowl: 11.7cm Diameter x 9.3cm H

Flower Bowl Lid: 12.3cm Diameter x 2.6cm H


Thinnest Muslin glass, mouth blown into wooden forms. Available in four light colours and garnet.


Hans Harald Rath, designed the „Alpha" set

in 1952. The even shape full of tension makes the glasses lie smoothly in the hands. Following the trend of the fifties the glasses can be stapled - bearing the spirit the Frankfurter Küche ("for the young household"). Thinnest Muslin glass, mouth blown into wooden forms, gives them elegance. Today the water tumblers are available in four light colours and garnet.

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